Residents’ Corner

Man and Woman

JPRM has initiated a mentorship and publishing training program for fellows and residents in pediatrics and/or physiatry! In addition to providing free online access to the journal while in training, our program has two primary initiatives: mentored peer review training and visual abstract creation.

According to a survey of pediatric PM&R fellows, only 53.8% had ever published a peer-reviewed manuscript. Furthermore, only 15.4% had ever been asked to review manuscripts for a journal. Unfortunately, these statistics indicate relative unfamiliarity with the publishing process and timeline. Both critical analysis skills and familiarity with the peer-review publication process are crucial components for every early-career physician.

Many fellowship programs also have a preexisting research requirement, although how fellows satisfy this requirement is generally flexible. As such, we are partnering with pediatric PM&R fellowship programs to offer this training in order to fulfill the research requirement and better prepare fellows for publishing their own manuscripts. Participation in this program not only increases knowledge of the overall publishing process, but also enables fellows to amplify their own research and make it more accessible to the pediatric rehabilitation community via visual abstracts.

For mentors and mentees: The Residents and Fellows Program has developed a JPRM Mentoring Model to help guide you through the review process, which can be downloaded here.

For more information about the JPRM Residents and Fellows Program contact:
Didem Inanoglu, MD
Franciscan Children's Hospital
Spaulding Rehabilitation Medicine
Boston, MA, USA