In 2020, the Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine published a COVID-19 Special Issue in which experts assessed the impact of the pandemic on pediatric patients with special needs, their caregivers, and healthcare providers. In addition to this special issue, individual open access articles about COVID-19 have since been published in JPRM and are collected here.

For questions about submitting COVID-related manuscripts to JPRM, please contact the Editorial Office at jprmst@gmail.com.

Special issue (Volume 13, issue 3)
COVID-19’s Impact on the Practice of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine: Insights and Recommendations
Issue openly available

Featured COVID-19 Articles

Volume 17, Issue 1
“Tremendous burdens often unveil enormous gifts”: The experiences of South African caregivers implementing speech and language teletherapy for children with cerebral palsy during COVID-19
Evangelou, Gabriela | Adams, Skye Nandi

Volume 16, Issue 2
Global COVID-19 childhood disability data coordination: A collaborative initiative of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability
Schiariti, Verónica | de Campos, Ana Carolina | Sudati, Isabella Pessóta | Seal, Arnab K. | Springer, Priscilla E. | Thomson, Heather | Wamithi, Susan | Wei, Guorong | Spittle, Alicia | Gillick, Bernadette

Volume 15, Issue 4
COVID-19 vaccination in individuals with spina bifida: A national survey
Aksenov, Leonid I. | Myers, John | Widener-Burrows, Dawne | Thibadeau, Judy | Struwe, Sara | Kelly, Maryellen S

Volume 15, Issue 4
First year impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on pediatric physiatrists
Houtrow, Amy J. | Pruitt, David W.

Volume 15, Issue 4
From autism to zoom ®: Spina bifida advocacy, care, education, and research in a changing world
Castillo, Jonathan | Thibadeau, Judy K. | Brei, Tim | Castillo, Heidi

Volume 15, Issue 4
Pandemic decrease of in-person physiotherapy as a factor in parent perceived decline in function in children with neuromuscular disorders
Stępień, Agnieszka | Sobińska, Małgorzata | Rekowski, Witold | Krawczyk, Maciej Julian

Volume 15, Issue 3
Social media and the practice of pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation in the COVID-19 pandemic: A new era in patient-care
Haque, Mahfujul | Khan, Shahrin | Sandhu, Amar | Armstrong, Kelly

Volume 15, Issue 3
Decreased access to therapeutic services for children with disabilities during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in Western Pennsylvania
Levin-Decanini, Tal | Henderson, Cynterria | Mistry, Sejal | Dwarakanath, Namita | Ray, Kristin | Miller, Elizabeth | Houtrow, Amy

Volume 13, Issue 4
Guidelines and scientifically-based spina bifida care: Guidance across the lifespan in a global health context
Castillo, Jonathan | Castillo, Heidi | Brei, Timothy J.

Volume 13, Issue 1
Where have all the children gone? Reflections on a flowerless “COVID” spring
Sukhov, Renat | Gold, Joan | Asante, Afua | Dizon, Louis