Brain Injury


Since its launch, the Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine has regularly included content on pediatric brain injury. In addition to two devoted special issues, articles on this topic that were published in alternative issues are collected here.

Volume 8, Issue 4
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Volume 2, Issue 4
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Featured brain injury articles

Volume 16, Issue 3
Attitudes and practices of specialty physicians regarding the return to school process after pediatric acquired brain injury
Johnson-Kerner BL, Colao K, Evanson NK, Taylor JM

Volume 16, Issue 2
Differences in concussion knowledge between parents and their children in a multidisciplinary concussion clinic sample
Johnson A, Van Tubbergen M, Hashikawa A, et al.

Electrophysiological trajectories of concussion recovery: From acute to prolonged stages in late teenagers
Mortazavi M, Lucini FA, Joffe D, Oakley DS

Volume 15, Issue 3
Determining school reintegration needs of acquired brain injury patient through the use of a novel school simulation rubric
Moser A, Wirt SZ, Niedzwecki C

Volume 15, Issue 2
Behavioral dysregulation exacerbated by intrathecal baclofen in an adolescent with severe traumatic brain injury
Qin ES, Patel H, Montagnino J, Pham K, Lam N-Y

Can serious play and clinical cognitive assessment go together? On the feasibility and user-experience of virtual reality simulations in paediatric neurorehabilitation
Verheul F, Gosselt I, Spreij L, et al.

Volume 14, Issue 3
Feasibility of motor-assisted elliptical to improve walking, fitness and balance following pediatric acquired brain injury: A case series
Burnfield JM, Cesar GM, Buster TW

Language performance within three months of early childhood traumatic brain injury
Cermak CA, Scratch SE, Reed NP, Beal DS

Age is associated with postural control performance following youth concussion
Walker GA, Wilson JC, Potter MN, Provance AJ, Kirkwood M, Howell DR

Volume 13, Issue 3
Short term outcomes of children with abusive head trauma two years post injury: A retrospective study
Badger S, Waugh M-C, Hancock J, Marks S, Oakley K

Volume 13, Issue 1
In-clinic event related potentials after sports concussion: A 4-year study
Clayton G, Davis N, Holliday A, et al.

Superimposed Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) in pediatric hypoxic brain injury
Leung E, Javaid S, Pelshaw CB, Erlandson E

Volume 12, Issue 1
Bridging gaps in care for children with acquired brain injury: Perceptions of medical and educational service providers
Dodd JN, Kajankova M, Nagele DA

Putting the person in person-centered care: Stakeholder experiences in pediatric traumatic brain injury
Lundine JP, Utz M, Jacob V, Ciccia AH

Volume 11, Issue 3
A retrospective analysis of paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity following severe pediatric brain injury
Letzkus L, Keim-Malpass J, Anderson J, Conaway M, Patrick P, Kennedy C

Volume 11, Issue 2
Healthcare professionals' perspective on the delivery of care to children with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and communication with their parents
Rashid M, Caine V, Newton AS, Goez HR

Volume 11, Issue 1
Informing pediatric rehabilitation: Language-based neuropsychological profile following traumatic brain injury and stroke secondary to arteriovenous malformation
Fabri TL, Stewart ML, Stevens SA

Caregiver-report of symptoms following traumatic brain injury in a small clinical sample of preschool-aged children
Suskauer SJ, Rane S, Reesman J, Slomine BS