Spina Bifida

The Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine publishes annual Spina Bifida issues, the most recent of which are listed on this page.

Volume 15, issue 4
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15.4 S
Caption: In this special issue of the Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine noted experts review the most recent findings in the spina bifida (SB)-related care of many comorbidities, from amputations and scoliosis to sleep-related breathing disorders. Credit: Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine.

Volume 14, issue 4: Spina bifida care, education, and research: A multidisciplinary community in a global context
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Volume 13: Issue 4: Guidelines for the Care of People with Spina Bifida
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Volume 12, Issue 4: Immigration and Transition: Emerging Trends in Spina Bifida Care
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