Cerebral Palsy

The Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine publishes annual Cerebral Palsy issues, the most recent of which are listed on this page. In addition, CP-related articles that have been published in alternative issues of the journal are also collected here.

Volume 17, issue 1
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Volume 16, issue 1
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Volume 15, issue 1
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Volume 14, issue 2
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Volume 13, Issue 2
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Volume 12, Issue 2
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Featured cerebral palsy articles

Volume 16, Issue 3
Disability and caregiver burden: Unique challenges in a developing country
Bimba D.R. Hewawitharana | Champa J. Wijesinghe | Aruna De Silva | John P. Phillips | Gemunu P. Hewawitharana

Volume 16, Issue 2
Stability of the Gross Motor Function Classification System in children with cerebral palsy in the two to four year age band
Amanda M Wizinsky | Molly Donawerth | Megan Badgley | Brooke Hemphill-Morytko | Emily Laughlin | Marie Rogan

Volume 15, Issue 4
Follow-up of brace-treated scoliosis in children with cerebral palsy and spina bifida
Meta N Eek | Annika Blomkvist | Karin Romberg

Volume 13, Issue 3
A risk-stratified approach toward safely resuming OnabotulinumtoxinA injections based on dosing and ambulatory status in pediatric patients with cerebral palsy during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2019 (COVID-19)
Matthew J McLaughlin | Mark T Fisher | Sathya Vadivelu | Justin Ramsey | Denesh Ratnasingam | Emily McGhee | Kim Hartman

Why individuals with cerebral palsy are at higher risk for respiratory complications from COVID-19
Joline E Brandenburg | Matthew J Fogarty | Gary C Sieck

Volume 12, Issue 3
A single-center retrospective review of factors influencing surgical success in patients with cerebral palsy undergoing corrective hip surgery
Ethan J Cottrill | Deanna C Johnson | Charles E Silberstein